Hadoop Framework Tutorials

Hadoop - Overview

  1. What is Big Data
  2. What is Hadoop
  3. GenericOptionsParser And ToolRunner in Hadoop


  1. Introduction to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  2. Frequently Used HDFS Commands With Examples
  3. NameNode, Secondary Namenode and Datanode in HDFS
  4. HDFS Replica Placement Policy
  5. How to Fix Corrupt Blocks And Under Replicated Blocks in HDFS
  6. Namenode in Safemode
  7. What is HDFS Federation in Hadoop
  8. HDFS High Availability
  9. HDFS Data Flow – File Read And Write in HDFS
  10. Java Program to Read a File From HDFS
  11. Java Program to Write a File in HDFS


  1. Hadoop MapReduce Word Count Program
  2. How MapReduce Works in Hadoop
  3. MapReduce Execution Internal Steps in YARN
  4. Input Split in Hadoop MapReduce
  5. Mapper Only Job in Hadoop MapReduce
  6. Speculative Execution in Hadoop Framework
  7. What is Data Locality in Hadoop
  8. How to Compress Map Phase Output in Hadoop MapReduce
  9. How to Compress MapReduce Job Output
  10. How to See Logs And Sysouts in Hadoop MapReduce
  11. Combiner in Hadoop MapReduce
  12. Distributed Cache in Hadoop
  13. How to Chain MapReduce Job in Hadoop
  14. Predefined Mapper and Reducer Classes in Hadoop
  15. Counters in Hadoop MapReduce
  16. OutputCommitter in Hadoop MapReduce
  17. Shuffle Phase in Hadoop MapReduce
  18. How to Improve Map-Reduce Performance in Hadoop


  1. Data Compression in Hadoop Framework
  2. How to Check For Which Compressors Native Libraries Are Present
  3. Java Program to Compress File in gzip Format in Hadoop
  4. Java Program to Compress File in bzip2 Format in Hadoop
  5. How to Use LZO Compression in Hadoop
  6. Sequence File Format in Hadoop
  7. How to Read And Write SequenceFile in Hadoop
  8. Avro File Format in Hadoop
  9. How to Read And Write Avro Files in Hadoop
  10. Avro MapReduce Example
  11. Parquet File Format in Hadoop
  12. How to Read And Write Parquet File in Hadoop

YARN in Hadoop

  1. Introduction to YARN in Hadoop
  2. Capacity Scheduler in Yarn
  3. YARN Fair Scheduler With Example
  4. Uber Task in YARN

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